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Oskar is a most unusual boy. Equipped with full intellect right from his birth he decides at his third birthday not to grow up as he sees the crazy world around him at the eve of World War II. So he refuses the society and his tin drum symbolizes his protest against the middle-class mentality of his family and neighborhood, which stand for all passive people in Nazi Germany at that time. However, (almost) nobody listens to him, so the catastrophe goes on.

Zapadna Jugoslavija West Germany, Poland, France, Yugoslavia, 19792010
Ratna drama / War, Drama
Festovih 50
Volker Schlöndorff
Volker Schlöndorff, Jean-Claude Carrière, Franz Seitz (Based on The Tin Drum by Günter Grass)
David Bennent, Mario Adorf, Angela Winkler, Daniel Olbrychski, Katharina Thalbach, Charles Aznavour
1979 – Kan / Cannes Film Festival
Igor Luther
Suzanne Baron
Maurice Jarre
Anatole Dauman, Hans Prescher, Volker Schlöndorff, Franz Seit
Franz Seitz Filmproduktion, Bioskop Film, Artemis Film, Hallelujah Films, GGB-14, Argos Films, Jadran Film, Film Polski
2017 Der namenlose Tag
2017 Return to Montauk / Povratak u Montok
2014 Diplomatie / Diplomacy / Diplomatija
2011 La mer à l'aube / Calm at Sea
2007 Ulzhan / Ulžan
2006 Strajk - Die Heldin von Danzig / Strike
2004 Der neunte Tag / The Ninth Day / Deveti dan
2000 Die Stille nach dem Schuss / The Legend of Rita / Legenda o Roti
1998 Palmetto / Palmeto
1996 Der Unhold / The Ogre
1991 Homo Faber / Voyager / Putnik
1990 The Handmaid's Tale / Služavkina priča
1984 Un amour de Swann / Swann in Love
1981 Die Fälschung / Circle of Deceit
1979 Die Blechtrommel / The Tin Drum / Limeni doboš
1976 Der Fangschuß / Coup de Grâce
1975 Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum / The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum / Izgubljena čast Katarine Blum
1972 Strohfeuer / A Free Woman
1972 Die Moral der Ruth Halbfass / Morals of Ruth Halbfass
1969 Michael Kohlhaas - Der Rebell
1967 Mord und Totschlag / Degree of Murder
1966 Der junge Törless / Young Törless / Mladi Terles
1979 - Kan - Zlatna palma / Cannes Film Festival - Palme d'Or
1980 - Oskar za najbolji strain film / Academy - Best Foreign Language Film (West Germany)


10. May

Time: 13:30
Price: 350 RSD
Sava centar


Volker Schlöndorff was born 1939 in Wiesbaden. In 1956 he traveled to France as part of a student exchange and remained in France where he received his Baccalauréat. In Paris he studied law and he met Louis Malle. He also worked as an assistant for Ludwig Berger, Louis Malle, Jean-Pierre Melville and Alain Resnais. 1963-1964 he wrote his first screenplay Der Junge Törless for which he received a scholarship that enabled him to realize the project. The film won several awards and is considered the first international success of the new German film. In 1969, Fodine Schlöndorff founded the production company Hallelujah-Film GmbH In 1975, Schlöndorff co-directed with Margarethe von Trotta the film The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum. His breakthrough on the world stage comes with the film adaptation of Günter Grass's novel “Tin Drum”. Film The Tin Drum won the Palme d'Or at the 1979 Cannes Film Festival and the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

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