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Shortly after her mother's death, an innocent and youthful woman will find refuge into the household of her middle-aged aristocratic guardian, who will submit her to his sexual advances.

Spain, Italy, France, 1970
Drama / Drama
Festovih 50
Luis Buñuel
Julio Alejandro, Luis Buñuel
Catherine Deneuve, Fernando Rey, Franco Nero, Lola Gaos, Antonio Casas, Jesús Fernández
1970 – Kan, Njujork / Cannes Film Festival, New York Film Festival 1971 – FEST Beograd / Belgrade International Film Festival FEST
José F. Aguayo
Pedro del Rey
Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov
Luis Buñuel, Robert Dorfmann
Talía Film, Época Film, Selenia Cinematografica, Les Films Corona
1977 Cet obscur objet du désir / That Obscure Object of Desire / Taj mračni predmet želja
1974 Le fantôme de la liberté /The Phantom of Liberty / Fantom slobode
1972 Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie / The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie / Diskretni šarm buržoazije
1970 Tristana
1969 La Voie Lactée / The Milky Way / Mlečni put
1967 Belle de jour / Lepotica dana
1965 Simón del desierto / Simon of the Desert / Simeon pustinjak
1964 Le journal d'une femme de chambre / The Diary of a Chambermaid / Dnevnik jedne sobarice
1962 El ángel exterminador / The Exterminating Angel / Anđeo uništenja
1961 Viridiana / Viridijana
1960 La joven / The Young One / Devojka
1959 Nazarín / Nazaren
1959 La fièvre monte à El Pao / Fever Rises in El Pao / Groznica raste u El Pau
1956 La mort en ce jardin / Death in the Garden / Smrt u tom vrtu
1956 Cela s’appelle l’aurore / That is the Dawn / To se zove zora
1955 Ensayo de un crimen / The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz / Zločinački život Arčibala de la Kruza
1955 El río y la muerte / The River and Death
1954 Robinson Crusoe / Robinzon Kruso
1954 La ilusión viaja en tranvía / Illusion Travels
1954 Abismos de pasión / Wuthering Heights / Orkanski visovi
1953 El bruto / The Brute / Životinja
1953 Él / Tourments / On
1952 Una mujer sin amor / A Woman Without Love / Žena bez ljubavi
1952 Subida al cielo / Ascent to Heaven / Uspon u nebo
1951 Susana / The Devil and the Flesh / Suzana
1951 La Hija del engaño / The Daughter of Deceit
1950 Los olvidados / The Young and the Damned / Zaboravljeni
1949 El Gran Calavera / The Great Madcap
1947 Gran Casino / Magnificent Casino / Veliki kazino
1933 Las Hurdes:
Tierra Sin Pan / Land Without Bread / Zemlja bez hleda
1930 L’Age d’Or / The Golden Age / Zlatno doba
1929 Un Chien Andalou / An Andalusian Dog / Andaluzijski pas


13. May

Time: 13:30
Price: 350 RSD
Sava centar

13. May

Time: 13:30
Price: 350 RSD
Sava centar


Luis Buñuel (1900-1983) was a Spanish filmmaker who worked in Spain, Mexico and France. When Luis Buñuel died at age 83, his obituary in The New York Times called him “an iconoclast, moralist, and revolutionary who was a leader of avant-garde surrealism in his youth and a dominant international movie director half a century later”. His first picture, Un Chien Andalou (1929 )- made in the silent era - was called “the most famous short film ever made” by critic Roger Ebert, and his last film, That Obscure Object of Desire - made 48 years later - won him Best Director awards from the National Board of Review and the National Society of Film Critics. Writer Octavio Paz called Buñuel's work “the marriage of the film image to the poetic image, creating a new reality...scandalous and subversive”. Often associated with the surrealist movement of the 1920s, Buñuel created films from the 1920s through the 1970s. His work spans two continents, three languages, and an array of genres, including experimental film, documentary, melodrama, satire, musical, erotica, comedy, romance, costume dramas, fantasy, crime film, adventure, and western. Despite this variety, filmmaker John Huston believed that, regardless of genre, a Buñuel film is so distinctive as to be instantly recognizable. Buñuel is considered as one of the most important and original directors in the history of cinema.

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